Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am confused by people who gorge themselves on mangoes and still doubt the existence of God.

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Okay, granted the picture does not show mangoes from Trinidad and Tobago or even the Caribbean. In my defence the ones I just consumed were totally Caribbean and very Trini, which made the need to eat them all the more urgent and hence no mangoes to photograph for the blog!

Flickr came to my rescue and more specifically the gentleman who took this lovely picture. Here in Trinidad where 'mango season' means all your neighbours' trees are laden with fruit, one never thinks that other countries have mangoes too. And certainly not that India is the number one producer in the world! Quite an edifying piece of information for me...maybe I should reconsider that job offer I got from Mumbai...

I don't know about India or any other countries for that matter, but from my experience and observations 'mango season' in Trinidad and Tobago can make the most honest, trustworthy person dither on the values of honesty and trustworthiness when faced with ripe mangoes hanging 'just within reach' from a tree that belongs to someone else! Why just last week...

No I didn't; but Lord knows I wanted to! After all, three lovely ones were hanging over my neighbour's wall, practically in the street. That MUST make them public property! Since then when I go in and out of my gate I avert my eyes and turn my full concentration to the task of unlocking and opening my gate.

I apologise to lovers of apples in advance; I can't see what you people find soooo delicious about that fruit and I am firmly convinced that Adam did not succumb to an apple. I am perfectly sure it was a mango!

Julie to be specific!

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